The Perfect Place for My Father

My father and I looked around for a North Las Vegas apartment after we came to a mutual understanding about his current living conditions. He’s getting up there in age and really he can’t take care of himself anymore. He also can’t take care of his home. I’ve spent a lot of time over there taking care of the property and making sure he’s all right, but I also have my own family and I am definitely feeling a time crunch. I finally convinced Dad that he needs to move into a smaller place and sell the house. I was surprised that he agreed.

The challenge was to find a nice place to live. I didn’t want him to end up in some sketchy area of town in a mediocre apartment. We needed a place filled with nice people and lots of amenities so that he doesn’t have to do a lot around the apartment. My wife and I spent a lot of time with Dad online checking out our options and we finally found a place that we all agreed seemed pretty nice. The walk through went well and we got my father a nice one bedroom apartment.

I’m really impressed about the sense of community at this apartment complex. Dad moved in and hit it off right away with his neighbors, even the younger people who lived there. When he recently hurt himself, I was astonished when it was a neighbor who called us about my father. Is there any other apartment complex where a resident would take the time to call a person’s family to make sure he got taken care of properly? There probably is, but I’m not aware of it. That makes me feel much better about Dad and where he lives. It really is an excellent facility.